Monday, March 13, 2006


Heard about Yugabharathi?
He is one of my favorite my time poet. His modern poems are quite fresh to read and the way he handles chosen topic is really good.

I remember a poem where he compares his poem writing skills with his father's "vetrilai" chewing skills. The entire poem goes that his poem writing skills are more superior to his father's chewing skills.

But the poem ends like this
எப்பொழுது போட்டாலும்
ஒரேமாதிரி சிவக்கிறது அவர் நாக்கு
ஒருதடவை கூட முழுதாக
முடிந்ததில்லை என் கவிதை

You might recognize him if I mention some of his movie songs. I think he started with Palaang guzhiyin from Anandham.

He has written only few of them..all are equally good and fresh...and my favorite is Kana kandenadi from Parthiban kanavu. His recent is the "Dhavani pota" is a chartbuster.

But I am not able to read him poems after he moved to film industry..It is the fate of film industry that it takes the best person into it and slowly makes them to forget the best of them...

I hope it should not happen to Yuga.
Way to go man.

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Adiya said...

try out aval vikatan.. u may get it.