Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Devil is dragging me

After a long time, i have done some work today in office. These days most of my time in going idle. That is not my mistake. I am always ready to work. But there is no one who can give me proper work.

Without any work, i am not able to focus myself. Usually when there is no work, i am not self motivated enough to assign myself some dedicated work and do that. I will keep on sitting idle when there is no work...

U know that "Idle mind is devil's workshop". So most of the time my mind is an devil's workshop. In the devil's workshop things are not in ur control. Everything is involuntary.

Most of the time i am caught in that state and devil is dragging me down. I donno how to overcome it. Even if sometimes i do it, it is becoming strong enough to pull me down....

Oh me from this .......

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I was in my native for this diwali after 3 long years. In my family we used to celebrate diwali and pongal in my grandma's house (maternal) in chidambaram. This has been a tradition and we are following it for abt 20 yrs.

Last three years i was not able to join them as i was working in the Mumbai branch of my office.
This year, as i was transferred to chennai branch, i was able to join them. We, the entire uncle family and brothers went there on friday nite itself. And the four days went like an hour.

My aunts, parents have come over there. So it was nice to see all the ppl in the same place after a long time.

Since i had no friends, i stayed in house for most of the time. I went to my parent's place (Kodiyalam - small village abt 10 kms from chidamabaram). Stayed for a day.

As usual, things are straight forward in my life. Nothing special happened in these four days...
Oh my god....

Monday, October 24, 2005

Vinay Mudithanna Iniyal

Have u heard about this term. It is actually a line from old tamil literature (i am not sure it is in purananooru or some other thing).

A man is referring his girl like this. What it means is " My girl is like the happiness that one get when he completes some activity".

Have u ever felt a sudden spring of happiness when u complete some work. The kind of happiness u get After 10 days of debugging and u found out the root cause.

How come the man thought of this happiness when he thinks abt his girl? How much of happiness that the girl brought to his life...

Do u have a girl like "Vinay mudithanna Iniyal".....

Friday, October 21, 2005

Training - Timepass

Yesterday completely went in Training. Induction training has been arranged for the new joinees of TCS HP Center in chennai.

It was quite a relief from the routine work of staring the monitor. Got to know many ppl, both experienced and freshers. Everyone is unique by their own way.

Two ppl who caught my attention are kamakshi and chitra madam. Kamakshi was more enthusiastic..she kept on talking, asking questions, answering questions, helped with the computers...did something or the other...

When team was formed for the HR practices quiz, i was in her team. The same...blah..blah...blah...

Chitra madam is the one person who had complete mastery over what she took. In the entire training her part is really good. I have seen her few times in the floor after i joined this center 2 months back. She is having an intellectual look in her face.

Felt that is real when she took the class. "Agathin azhaghu mugathil theriyum" (whatz there in mind will reflect in fact).

Getting to know ppl who attracts u is really wonderful.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

1 + 1 = 2

Life has been so straight forward for me till today. It is so plain that most of the time I wonder whether I am living or not. I donno, is life is like that to me or I made life like that.

Deeply thinking, i feel that I have made it that way…and am regretting for it…how good it will be if we can erase few things that we have done in the past and re-do them in a more better way....crazy..isn't it?

“Avar avar vazhkayil ayiram ayiram matrangal…” Have u heard this song from Tamil film “Pandavar Bhoomi”. Superb song….The lyrics are so emotional, when u hear the song when u r alone in a night time, tears will come from ur eyes without ur consciousness .

I love it everytime I hear it….There is a line in that which goes like “Karupa sivapa theriyavillai…kavalaigal idhu varai mulaithatillai” (We donno which color worry is, as it has never rooted in our life).

I want a life like that….Is that an dream?

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Donno what to do

Really i donno what to do by simply sitting idle in office. How long a person can sit and stare the monitor just becoz it is raining and cannot go home now?

So using my time more purposefully to create a blog for me to engrave my purposeless thoughts..