Friday, October 21, 2005

Training - Timepass

Yesterday completely went in Training. Induction training has been arranged for the new joinees of TCS HP Center in chennai.

It was quite a relief from the routine work of staring the monitor. Got to know many ppl, both experienced and freshers. Everyone is unique by their own way.

Two ppl who caught my attention are kamakshi and chitra madam. Kamakshi was more enthusiastic..she kept on talking, asking questions, answering questions, helped with the computers...did something or the other...

When team was formed for the HR practices quiz, i was in her team. The same...blah..blah...blah...

Chitra madam is the one person who had complete mastery over what she took. In the entire training her part is really good. I have seen her few times in the floor after i joined this center 2 months back. She is having an intellectual look in her face.

Felt that is real when she took the class. "Agathin azhaghu mugathil theriyum" (whatz there in mind will reflect in fact).

Getting to know ppl who attracts u is really wonderful.

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