Wednesday, October 19, 2005

1 + 1 = 2

Life has been so straight forward for me till today. It is so plain that most of the time I wonder whether I am living or not. I donno, is life is like that to me or I made life like that.

Deeply thinking, i feel that I have made it that way…and am regretting for it…how good it will be if we can erase few things that we have done in the past and re-do them in a more better way....crazy..isn't it?

“Avar avar vazhkayil ayiram ayiram matrangal…” Have u heard this song from Tamil film “Pandavar Bhoomi”. Superb song….The lyrics are so emotional, when u hear the song when u r alone in a night time, tears will come from ur eyes without ur consciousness .

I love it everytime I hear it….There is a line in that which goes like “Karupa sivapa theriyavillai…kavalaigal idhu varai mulaithatillai” (We donno which color worry is, as it has never rooted in our life).

I want a life like that….Is that an dream?

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