Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I was in my native for this diwali after 3 long years. In my family we used to celebrate diwali and pongal in my grandma's house (maternal) in chidambaram. This has been a tradition and we are following it for abt 20 yrs.

Last three years i was not able to join them as i was working in the Mumbai branch of my office.
This year, as i was transferred to chennai branch, i was able to join them. We, the entire uncle family and brothers went there on friday nite itself. And the four days went like an hour.

My aunts, parents have come over there. So it was nice to see all the ppl in the same place after a long time.

Since i had no friends, i stayed in house for most of the time. I went to my parent's place (Kodiyalam - small village abt 10 kms from chidamabaram). Stayed for a day.

As usual, things are straight forward in my life. Nothing special happened in these four days...
Oh my god....

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