Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Seriousஆ ஒரு Serial ஆராய்ச்சி

ஆண் என்பதும் பெண் என்பதும்
ஆண்டவன் கோலங்களே

இன்பங்களும் துன்பங்களும்
அவன் வைத்த வண்ணங்களே

Though i am a religious hater of tamil TV Serials, i am great lover of the title songs of the serials. Some of the serials have excellent songs (Dont forget: Lyrics attracts me more that music).

I think the trend was started by Chitti (Kannin mani) and Krishnadasi (Sigaram Parthai). My personal favorite is krishnadasi where Imman has done a wonderful piece of music. He was not into films at that time.

But i remember even before these trends, the songs of K.B are exceptionally good. Remember the

கையளவு கையளவு மனசு
அதில் கடலளவு கடலளவு கனவு

and the Kadhal pagadai songs. And the serials of AVM, where vairmuthu is default lyric writer, SPB is singer and chandrabose is the music director (Nimmadhi Nimmadhi Ungal Choice).

Even when Vikatan started producing serials, Yuvan was the standard music director. At that Yuvan was not famous. The songs which he composed for those serials will actually tell the reason for his fame now. He showed lot of potential at that time itself.

One Pei serial song,

வா வா இதயத்திலே
ஏதோ உருவத்திலே

is still my fav song among serial.

எப்படிடா பரணீ, உன்னால மட்டும் :-)

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