Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mythreyi Mangal

Though I have a dozen of brothers and couple of sisters, my sister Narmadha stands out of them. She somehow resembles me, at least in terms of studiousness.

Whenever I go to her place, she is definitely with a book. Till now I have not seen her without her books. And she loves to study in a place which is more chaotic (One of the biggest resemblance with me).

I was a proud person of my family circle because I hold the record for the highest 10, +2 marks and now into a very good position by joining TCS. And now all these are history.

She had beaten my 10th and +2 marks by a massive margin. She joined the premier Anna University (which I was not able to achieve) and now got a scholarship from the Hinduja group (which is also I was not able to).

At the end of engineering, she will definitely be gold medalist from Anna University and end up in a big company with a huge salary.

What I personally feel, she should get into IIM for MBA, which was also my dream.

I have started calling her Padips, which makes her angry.

Anna, enna padipsnu sollatheenga..Athuvum adhai neenga solla koodathu.

May god be with her in all her future endeavours..

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