Thursday, March 30, 2006

My Favouite Thathuvam

வாழ்க்கையே போர்க்களம்
வாழ்ந்துதான் பார்க்கனும்

போர்க்களம் மாறலாம்
போர்கள்தான் மாறுமா

My Favouite Thathuvam from cine songs...

I used to keep on saying these lines when i was in school. But it seems that lot of bad things happened in my family all of sudden, after that whenever i say this, my aunt became very angry with me...

"Ippadi solratha mudhala niruthu...ellam nalla padiya nadakum"..

I have stopped saying these lines in my house. But somehow i feel these lines tells the exact nature of life...

I can say it was Vairamuthu's way of saying "Survival of the fittest"

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