Monday, March 27, 2006

ஏதேதோ எண்ணங்கள் வந்து எனக்குள் தூக்கம் போனதே

My favourite song - today is ஏதேதோ எண்ணங்கள் from Pattiyal.

Though i religiously hate Yuvan singing songs in this movies, there are few songs which perfectly suits his voice.
The latest one is this. My previous favourite is Eno Kangal from Kalvanin Kadhali.

Now a days he has started singing 3 out of 5 songs in his compositions. Even in அழகாய் இருக்கிறாய் பயமாய் இருக்கிறது, he has given voice to 4 out of 5 songs. I think someone is wrongly advicing him about his voice.

But this song from pattiyal exactly suits his voice. The way it is picturised, the lyrics by Pa.Vijay, everything adds to the beauty of the song.

Just listen once....U will never change to other track for a while...


Filbert said...

I am big fan of Yuvan's voice too but even I feel he is taking it too far by singing all the songs in AIBI. I guess even in the 1 song his name is not mentioned, he has sung a part of it. In Pattiyal, I liked his voice in 'kannai vittu' more than in 'Edhedho ennangal'

Bharani said...

Even i like 'kanni vitu', but somehow this one catches me was also picturised in a neat manner