Friday, February 24, 2006

Power of Power

Students of IIT have floated a political party PARITRANA , and had their first press conference in Delhi.

Being seen all kind of parties and political drama, lets join hands to welcome this one, just because it is formed by people from premier education institution of India. Let’s wish this party grows and capture the Indian constituency one day, in our lifetime itself.

They might have floated this party after frustrated by the current politics. They have high ideologies at this point of time. They have lots of ideas and plans; they can do to the people of India, thereby taking India to new heights. But I am not sure will they retain the same values, if at all, when they come to power. The power of power, particularly in politics, is to turn even the best people to their worst.

I remember an incident of my high school days.

When I was studying 11th std, the 12th students were so misbehaving and there were lot of problems in the school. One day, I asked my physics teacher Ramamani, why these +2 students are so misbehaving while we, the +1, students are so quite and studious.

She replied, "That’s not their fault, when u come and sit in those benches, u will be the same". That is 100% true. When we came to +2, we created more problems that our seniors, which led some teachers in their resignation also. That is the power of power.

People don’t realize this till the point they come to power. As soon as they reach there, all the ideologies they held till that point of time holds no good. They will start creating new ones for the rest of the period.

I wish that should not happen with this party. All the very best to "Paritrana".

Jai Bhaarat Mata Ki.

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