Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dreams Unlimited

Usually I go to sleep around 10.30 to 11.00 in the night. Till 2 will be in sound sleep. Usually my sleep at this time will not be disturbed by TV sound, brightness of light, discussion of my family members unless they are exceptionally high.

But I will wake up around 2. Mostly I will have strange dream, and I reach a point where I cannot stand the intensity of the dream, so I wake up, look for my mobile phone to see the time. 99% percent it will be around 2. After that point I will be a semi-conscious sleep. Mostly dreams will occupy my sleep from 2 to 5.30 (I finally getup from my bed at this time. If I wake up early, others will be disturbed. So I will stay in my mattress till 5.30).

I donno whether I can say that this period is dream, becoz most of the time I am aware of the happenings in my brain.
The entire process itself is so systematic, it happens the same way every day.

After I see the time and go to sleep again, only the body will put to rest, the brain remains awake. It just starts activity one cell at a time. slowly some person will start entering my dream theatre, slowly slowly , one by one, people start entering and will start playing their part, all the leading to situation they take action to fulfill my unfulfilled desires.

All the time people, I see in my dreams are those about whom I read about, persons who I don’t like, persons I like but haven’t talked to them, my friends. There won’t be any famous personalities or my family members in my dream. Usually it will be only the above mentioned people, mostly people I like but haven’t talked.

And most of the time, the themes of my dream will be like
1. Becoming friend with the person to whom I wanted to talk in my real life, we become so close
2. Becoming friend with the person I hate
3. Situations will lead to a point where my most longing desire is going to be fulfilled (like an onsite oppr), and usually I wake up at the point when it is going to be fulfilled and realize that it is only dream. A sudden sadness engulfs me at the start of the day itself. The entire day I will be the lost mood.

There will not be any change in this process. I donno why it is happening. May be I am an a introvert, May be I don’t have many friends to share my feelings, May be I don’t have that much guts to do the things I like, May be I have so much desires than an a normal person.

I have the desire to live the life in the way I want, but practicality is not allowing, at least at this point of time.
May be after sometime I can lead the life the way I want or die before that.

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indianangel said...

ungalukku ippadinna enakku vera maadhiri nan north side thala vechu paduthena avalvudhaan govindo! kanna pinnanu dreams varum!