Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My Favourite - Movie Songs

One of few things that make my life interesting, in a otherwise veru dull life, is the film songs, especially tamil movie songs. i look for only songs in a film, not its music director. So even if a non-known music director gives a good song (good for me to listen), i will keep on listening.

As oppose to many ppl, what catches me the most in a song is its lyrics rather than the music. There are times where the music is so pathetic to hear, but the lyrics in it will be so good, because of it will come under my favorite list.

Having said that, these are few lines from the currently running tamil movies, which are really good.

In dishyum, the nenjangootil song itself is too good. But this line tells the pain of the patience of a lover waiting to tell his love to her lover.

"Febraury masathula nallu onnu koodi vara, aandu nallu kathirukum athu pola".

On thathuvum list of songs, vairamuthu always stands tall. I am his great admirer,

"Brain than enna solgiratho
heart use panni seiven
Riverulle vizhunthalum
Fish pidithe varuven"

"kaadhal ellam sutha poie
kathadicha gali payi
kaamam ponal velangume"

In Aadhi, i love the "lelaku lelaku" song, which has these lines

"Varum sogam ellam meegham
Athu sollamale poghum
Inbam thane vaanam"

Will add more of my favorite lines later

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