Thursday, April 13, 2006



X ( guy - working in project A for 2 yrs)
Y ( gal - working in project A for 1 and half yrs)
Z ( guy - joined project A one week back)

Office Canteen

Y and Z are sitting in a table and having a serious discussion regarding how India should take on Pakistan in kashmir issue

X and Friend of X(from diff project) sitting in the next table, listening to their discussion

Friend of X : Neeyum rendu varushama antha projectla iruku. Oru thadava kooda nee antha figurekooda pesi parthathe illayeda machan

X (sema kadupudan ): Aman, pallu irukaravan pakoda sapduran...


Bala.G said...

X is nothing but you... am I right?? ;-)

Bharani said...

Nope...Yen??? Do you have a similar exp...:-)