Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Much needed self-explanation

Love, Cinema, Girls - What else you can expect from a blog of typical chennai boy. Thats why most of the posts revolve around these things.

If i am breaking this cycle, that is really appreciated (ஹி ஹி)

மனசாட்சி: என்னவோ உன்னோட bloga daily 1000 பேர் படிக்கிற மாதிரியில்ல,
நீயே எழுதி நீயே படிக்கிற blogக்கு எதுக்குடா explanation-um, மண்ணாங்கட்டியும்


Bala.G said...

Hey man, I have started reading ur blogs...dont worry....

Bharani said...

Thx for logging in bala. Keep visiting..