Tuesday, January 31, 2006

It happens to all

It happens to all. No one can say that this has not happened to them. Even the most successful achievers should have encountered this.

What i am saying is, when u plan to start some work (going to GYM, learning a new language, take resolutions) which u are interested, u start it with a bang. U continue with the same enthusiasm for few days. Then u slowly, slowly move away from that. Suddenly one day u realize that u are not doing it for days, months.

U have the guilty feeling that u are not doing it, but u will not make an effort to do it continuously.

After a long time, all of sudden, u start it again, with the resolution that u will do it regularly this time. And u do it for few days. Then u slowly, slowly.......
Yes. The cycle continues.

The same happened for me : The activity is blogging.
I started that i will update it on daily basis.....blah blah blah...

Winners are ones those who break this vicious cycle. Average person is one who strict to this cycle.

I am an average man.

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